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What is RBM?

Rowen Brown Movement is a sports therapy and conditioning service that meets you where you are. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or just getting started on your movement journey, we want to get you to your true physical potential. Our focused approach will relieve you of pain and injury, improve your mobility, and get your body functioning in a way that will get you strong & healthy for the long run!

If it’s 1 on 1 sessions you’re in need of to get you going, we’ve got you with the option to do live sessions or online video sessions. Got a hectic schedule that requires you to fit your sessions in whenever you’ve got a spot in the day? We’ve got the ideal training app that has your personalized program with tutorial videos by your therapist so you don’t lose out on quality technique.


Meet your personal physical therapist

Rowen is the founder of RBM and loves to be involved in all types of movement constructs. These include trail running, yoga, calisthenics, and CrossFit, to name very few. As a registered Biokineticist (human movement therapist), Rowen’s main focus has always been to help people be more aware of their body and movement to empower them in their journey to fix an injury or incorrect movement pattern that is causing pain and limitations.

Rowen is also a yoga teacher, giving classes and workshops on anatomy & physiology, as well as mobility & alignment for HotPod Yoga teacher trainings.

“I feel that each person’s body is capable of so much more than most people give themselves the ability to realize. Usually, because of poor guidance, many find themselves injured and/or demotivated during a new workout program. This is why RBM works so well. We assess each individual personally so that your program is completely authentic to your needs and goals.”

– Rowen