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Move well in life & training
Relieve Pain.
Improve Mobility.
Increase Strength.
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Meet Rowen, Your personal physical therapist, here to get you pain-free, more mobile, & stronger!

Hi, I’m Rowen Brown, physical therapist & movement coach. I offer different movement treatments depending on what works best for you. My physical therapy programs include treatment & prevention of injury, mobility, strength & conditioning, & postural alignment. Check out my weekly feature video here…

Get individualised physical therapy programs with the TrueCoach App

Get access to individualised physical therapy training programs or choose from one of my programs I have put together that focuses on a specific aspect of movement. These programs are accessible on your mobile device, desktop, or can be printed out once you receive it. They are very easy to follow and include video demo’s and tutorials so that your technique is as good as if I was standing right next to you.

How do I get my physical therapist training program?

Hit the BOOK NOW button to reserve your live or video call assessment with physical therapist, Rowen. This will also be a planning session to set up your individualized training program aimed at your goal or injury. If you already have a good idea of where your pain is coming from then you can choose from one of our specialized programs to fix your current issue. You also have the option of booking an assessment with Rowen before choosing to purchase a specialized program if you need guidance.


Physical Therapy Sessions

  • Live Consultations

  • From R400

  • Live 1-on-1 movement assessment

  • Online Consultations

  • From R400

  • Video call 1-on-1 movement assessment

  • Training Program

  • From 800/pm

  • Program, planning & advice for training


Who needs a physical therapist?

Someone who is frustrated with constantly dealing with pain or injury.

If you are not progressing in your exercise training and don’t know what to do.

Or if you have a specific training goal you would like to work towards and want professional guidance.

Individualised physical therapy training programs include injury treatment & prevention, mobility training, & strength & conditioning.

Whether you’re training for a specific sporting event or just to be fit for life, we’ve got you covered.

As a physical therapist, my passion lies in getting and keeping people moving. This may be done by performance enhancement or by teaching someone how to better carry out daily activities so that they have a pain-free, quality life.

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